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This is our page of favourite items that we stock, so pop in and pick up your favourites!
If you wish to reserve anything please contact me - or call 01235 537405 so that we can have your order ready!

De Gustibus Bread

Added Ingredients: De Gustibus Bread

Baked here in Abingdon. Delivered daily when we are open. Various prices from £2.00. Pick up from the basket or pre-order to ensure you get what you want.

Anila's curry sauces

Added Ingredients: Oil

Wonderful pastes. The heat is indicated by the number of chilies on the label and when it says 4 chilies it means HOT! All gluten & dairy free, no onion or garlic, no added sugar and no preservatives. £4.90-£5.50


Italian ham with herbsAdded Ingredients: Favourites


One piece of Italian ham with rosemary. Can be cut thin for sandwiches or thicker for a meal. £2.70/100g

Italian Sausages - fennel or pepperoncino

Added Ingredients: Favourites

In the oven with passata, mixed beans and a glug of wine  for an hour. Serve with bread or potatoes to soak up the sauce. . £6.70/pack 

Scotch eggs 

Added Ingredients: Favourites

Delivered fresh weekly. Current choice is - black pudding, spicy chorizo, pulled pork, sweet potato with caramelised onion and goats cheese.

£2.95 each

Nougat cake

Added Ingredients: Favourites

Soft nougat cake individually wrapped slices with a great shelf life. Choice of flavours. Sold by weight - £3.60/100g 

Gilly's Dressing

Added Ingredients: Favourites
Locally made. £10.95 

Delice de bourgogne - triple creme cheese

Added Ingredients: Favourites

Soft,creamy, delicios! £2.40/100g


Added Ingredients: Favourites

Olives et al - pitted sunshine olives

Cooking chorizo

Tapas, BBQ, adding to casseroles

Lunaio Extra virgin olive oil infused with chilli

£11   One of the range of oils - others are mandarin, lemon, basil, garlic 

seggiano liquorice

100% organic Calabrian liquorice as ropes or spirasl