Added Ingredients - still offering wine and wine events! 

Operated as a deli' from 2002 till 2022.

Covid, followed by Long Covid, made it impossible to continue, but as health improves, providing opportunities to taste interesting food in convivial surroundings with knowledgeable guides will continue!

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Some wines are still available at the same premises on Stert Street. The Cow Shed is being run by Stuart and along side his craft beers and drinks there is a growing range of the wines you know and love. Any that you think are missing email me or let Stuart know and we will ensure they are on the shelves soon!



 Wed. 13th Dec. at The Cow Shed

 Please book Boozy Books events through Mostly Books when they put the tickets up for sale. For the other events please email me at to reserve spaces and payment will be September onwards.


Wed. 17th January - at The Cow Shed

Sherry evening

We'll be tasting 5 sherries, from very dry through to sweet with food to accompany. £40 p.p. Pop into The Cow Shed to reserve seats or email me at


This is what I wrote in September 2022 and helps to explain the changes that have happened:

October approaches --- and the update is not what was promised

As some of you will be aware I was off work for the whole of March with Covid. One of the reasons for taking the summer off was to try to re-energise myself as I was still feeling under the weather. It also seemed to be a good time to renew the floor (which was very in need of doing) and renew some of the electrics and paint the place throughout.

I fully expected to re-open in October but this is not going to happen.  I lack the physical and emotional energy necessary and with Long Covid having been diagnosed and fatigue, brain fog, hot sweats, heart palpitations and joint ache still being prevalent I really am not up to the job.



Currently let till March 2024 then available

See our APARTMENT page for more details or contact me directly





Previous events

Boozy Books, France

Boozy Books France 1

We have also part-hosted a Cheese and Wine evening at The Nag's Head with Berkmann Wines.

Nags Head