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As of January 11th - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday - 9am - 5pm

Saturday 30th April is our last day for a while.

Less and less stock available each day but still some favourites to be found.

All fresh stuff needs to be gone by the end of Saturday so who knows what bargains there might be to be picked up!


A range of goods have been reduced in price - do come  on in and see - all blue tagged. All are listed on my newsletter, but for many items there is only one of, so come on in!

Milk Frothers - 

for making great cappuccinos and hot chocolates - perfect for this weather!

Now 20% off



Added Ingredients: Opening Hours

Opening Hours


As of 1st May 2022 we will be closing for the summer to have some work done on the shop and to go off narrow-boating!

Keep watching this space in September and we'll keep you posted as to what happens next. 


Christmas may be about hampers and wonderful presents yet again.  We'll see what ideas we can come up with once again.

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Order by Phone - as of Oct!

If , for any reason, you prefer not to come into the shop but wish to reserve anything please contact me - or call 01235 537405.

We will happily take your call and walk round the shop and collect your goods; process it and phone you back for payment.

Then, have it ready for you to pick up at the door or pass it through your car window or we can deliver locally within cycling range.

 Did you know we collect corks?  (but not till Oct!)


We collect corks and pass them on to Bothy Vineyard who bag them up and send them to  RecorkedUK who then make a donation to Wild Oxfordshire - the charity they support. 

So much better than just dumping them in the landfill!    They have just sent (at the end of October 2021) 12 big 10Kg bags of corks  That's a lot of corks!. 


Currently let till March 2023 

See our APARTMENT page more details or contact me directly