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Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday - 10am - 3pm

What's New?

Three more Bialetti products on our shelves! A red 6 cup size coffee maker to go on the stove top , including induction hobs. And to go with it newly in are their espresso mugs. and their milk pitchers below:


Back in stock

Try the chutney with grilled tuna; the piccalilli with macaroni cheese, and the red onion marmalade with falafels.

   Goodies from The Bay Tree 

Figgy chutney with kebabs or burgers!

Added Ingredients: Opening Hours

Opening Hours

As we all keep dealing with change we've decided we will keep to our 'lock-down' times so this is when we will be OPEN during the next few weeks:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
10am - 3pm

You may find us there at other times but we will definitely be there as indicated above.

Milk pitchers - 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1 litre

Take Away Cups  - Organic 


Like it hot?

New range of chillies in to spice up any meal


And the Anila's range of curry  sauces fully stocked once again.



Order and Collect by Phone

If you wish to reserve anything please contact me - or call 01235 537405.

Or, to assist with social distancing please phone us with your requirements and we will walk round the shop and collect your goods; process it and phone you back for payment; then, have it ready for you to pick up at the door or pass it through your car window or we can deliver locally within cycling range.

I will be contacting all who had booked wine and food evenings with us during 2020 as it would seem it may be a while till we can offer these evenings again so maybe it's time for refunds or wine to take home?


We're happy to pull together one hamper or 250! Everyone needs cheering up at the moment especially and what could be better than a basket full of goodies either being delivered by post/courier or given direct by yourselves.

Hampers make a perfect gift for friends or family or even for a teacher perhaps. Come in store and pick some yummy things to put in or let us know who it's for and the theme you'd like and we can put it together for you!
Contact us or call 01235 537405.

Hand-made Tote Bags  £10 each

Made by a local lady, Caroline. All individual designs, beautifully made, and all profits go to Cancer Research


A lovely gift which could also be filled with local goodies!